2004 Ap Euro Dbq Essay

In 1995, Heidi Roupp addressed the task of preparing instructors to teach world history (Teaching World History: A Resource Guide (New York: M. Sharpe, 1997) The value of this work and others that followed served to encourage me to prepare the following resource guide for teachers who are not merely new to the field, but who may in addition be tasked at the end of the school year to begin teaching an Advanced Placement course in World History the following fall.

Ideally, a new instructor should participate in a 5-day AP Summer Institute or at the very least a 1-day regional workshop (a listing is provided at And Workshops/Institutes And Workshops ) The following has been prepared to assist those who, for perhaps more than merely time constraints, are unable to attend these workshops and have limited access to published guides and other literature.

appendices to this essay offers basic statistical information that helps explain to students (and parents! These charts/graphs will answer many of your questions for how the exam is scored.

I use this on "Back to School night") about realistic expectations for APWH. I've included a Microsoft Word file with my comments for how I interpret the statistics, along with hints that function like a "script" for how to present this information to students and parents.

The AP-World Listserv (register at features conversations among teachers on key issues. To join it, merely enter your name, email address and set a password.

The selected topics include: "Bell Ringers;" (how to make effective use of the first few class minutes) discussions about how to teach necessary essay writing skills for the Continuity and Change-Over Time (CCOT) , DBQ; and common questions regarding POV, Grouping, and how the AP exam is scored.Technologies such as the sextant, which was a tool used for calculating the altitude of objects and the telescope gave women the chance to study astronomy, which was the most popular subject during that time.Women would work rigorously not on housework, but on astronomy.The second file is just the original Excel file in case you want to edit any of the characteristics of the graphs.The 3 appendix is based on the Instructional Planning Report (IPR) that the College Board mails to all AP schools (addressed to your Principal, not your AP Coordinator).It has a statistical breakdown of your school's APWH students' performance on the 2008 Exam. If you have NOT received this, pester your Principal until she/he tracks it down for you.This document has valuable detailed information that every AP teacher needs to know about how your school's students performed on the AP Exam each year.They would advance their knowledge further with the studies of insects and the art of drawing.This would help them understand why the sun changes during the day and the different types of changes insects go through in life.Although this was a great change for women, there were changing attitudes and views toward them when they had participated in science. There were defiantly both pros and cons towards women's participation in science.(Document 9)The Scientific Revolution and The Age of Enlightenment paved the brink of women's success in science.


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