2d Design Assignments

The unit can be changed by clicking on the little arrow next to the unit box (3). Another way of aligning objects ist to use the snapping tools on the right.To draw a circle click und the circle tool(1) and draw it like the rectangle. If now an object is dragged it snaps for example to the outlines of another object.

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Course work includes lecture, demonstration, studio work and critique for both art majors and non-art majors. Please relate these images to the concepts of gestalt theory discussed this week in class. Week Six – Figural Silhouettes (Individual Projects) 9/30 – Work day on Figural Silhouettes projects. Week Nine – Visual Storytelling (cont.) 10/21 –Work day in class on Visual Storytelling Projects – character development and design. 10/23 – Visual Storytelling Projects In progress critiques.

During the Fall 2013 semester, I will be teaching 2D Design on Mondays and Wednesdays from am – p.m. 9/11 – Work day on Textural Gestalt Projects in class. Week Four – Shapes and Space – Negative/Positive, Organic/Geometric 9/16 – Work day on Textural Gestalt Projects in class.

in room AHUM230 Downloadable syllabus:2D_fall13_syl Class Projects and assignment sheets Week One – Line 8/26 – Introductions. Introduce Textural Gestalt Inspired by Art Historical Composition project.

Review syllabus, materials list, sketchbook info Homework: Bring supplies to next class! Homework: Finish two value scales in your sketchbook.

Align the two pieces and create two circles with the diameter of 40mm like in the second step.

Create another pair of circles with a diameter of 10mm and place the in the middle of the other circles.Areas of study will include but are not limited to drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, illustration and mixed media.Students will learn to draw from life as well as develop skills in various drawing media. Do brainstorming writing and design exercises for home collage projects. Week Twelve – Content and Design 11/11 – Workday 11/13 – Home Collage projects due. Introduce final project Week Thirteen – Final Projects 11/18– Workday 11/20 – Workday Week Fourteen – Final Projects 11/25 – In progress critiques. Week of 12/9 – Final Critique – Final Independent Projects and Final Sketchbooks due. Please relate these images to the concepts of Shapes and Space discussed this week in class. Workday on asymmetrical digital collage projects in class. Homework: Finish digital collage projects for next class. Week Seven – (im)Balance and (a)Symmetry 10/7 – Scan textures in class. Please relate these images to the concepts of Color and Design discussed this week in class 10/9 – Work on digital collage projects (symmetrical and asymmetrical) in class. Work on home collage projects Week Eleven – Content and Design – “Home” Collage 11/4 – Process and Chance Projects due. 1) Something that you feel is well designed 2) Something you feel is poorly designed 3) Something that is interestingly designed but the function is not easily apparent 8/28 – Share objects in class. Introduce 200 lines project and thumbnail sketches Homework: Work on 200 lines project. Please relate these images to the concepts of line discussed this week in class. Week Three – Composition, Harmony, Gestalt 9/9 – 200 lines projects due. Week Two – Labor Day and Line 9/2 – Labor Day – School Closed. 9/4 – Some work time in class on 200 lines project. Week Five – Figural Silhouettes (Group and Individual projects) 9/23 – Do group project of silhouetted figures in class (in lighting studio and classroom). Homework: Work on finding images and doing thumbnail sketches for figural silhouette project. Week Eight – Visual Storytelling 10/14 – Symmetrical and Asymmetrical digital collages due. Introduce concepts of Movement and visual storytelling. Homework: Find the myth you would like to use for your Visual Storytelling project. Please relate these images to the concepts of Visual Storytelling discussed this week in class. Please relate these images to the concepts of Chance and/or Process discussed this week in class.


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