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Another thing that the narrative accomplishes is solidifying your thoughts into a clear message and importantly, a voice.The voice of your company and your brand can evolve, and what you begin with does not have to be what you end with.Llama maintenance, rental and pay-to-own llamas were the first things to come to mind.

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Give yourself the space that you need to start brainstorming.

Starting to brainstorm can feel like a daunting process.

However, you still need to present your company, and a clear narrative is the best way to do that.

Computers and cell phones have countless apps and programs that allow you to take notes, storyboard and visualize.

They also talked about how much llama access mattered to children; specifically, this gave their company a personality – a life and a reason that they wanted to start their llama business.

They left their Post-Its on the wall as a visual aid while they began to write down answers to the basic questions of their business.

Our sample entrepreneur wrote about the evident lack of purple llamas in their community.

They drew a llama on a Post-It note and put it at eye level.

Then, any word that came to them for the next hour got written on a Post-It and found a place on the wall.

This included the benefits that purple llamas brought to other similar communities, festivals and, of course, llama appreciation days.


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