A Good Man Is Hard To Find Thesis

Plot The family wants to go on vacation to Florida, but the grandmother tries to dissuade them by speaking about an escaped convict on the loose in the state (O' Connor).

This is because the grandmother really wants to go to Tennessee. She is impeccably dressed, so in case an accident occurs and she dies, people would know that she is a lady.

There is also another conflict wherein the grandmother wants to go to Tennessee while the entire family wants to travel to Florida.

Meanwhile, the internal conflict occurs within the grandmother when she was faced with impending death in the presence of The Misfit.

The grandmother believes that the well-dressed appearance is an indicator of goodness or Godliness.

Despite her outfit, the woman was anything but godly or good.The family is not convinced; rather, they insist that she stays home. The family stops by a place called The Tower to have lunch. The family sees a car approaching, and the passengers were three men.The place is owned by Red Sammy, and he and grandmother have a conversation about The Misfit, the escaped convict. She arouses the children's interest my mentioning a secret panel in the house. All of them had guns; one of them was shirtless and wore glasses. Another one of the men, Bobby Lee, takes Bailey and John Wesley to the woods. The Misfit's companions bring back Bailey's shirt, and The Misfit wears it. While this was happening, The Misfit and grandmother were having a conversation.He may have still resorted to violence, but she still had effected a change in him.It was in their mutual experience from which their moment of grace was derived (“Interpretations”).Theme The theme of the story is grace and redemption (“Interpretations”).Though at first it appears as if the grandmother was the good one while The Misfit was the evil one, both characters are actually on the same level. Throughout the story, the grandmother manipulated her own family to get what she wanted.However, as was earlier stated, both characters are of equal footing in terms of the theme of the story (Best Notes).Symbols The effort of the grandmother to dress like a lady is a symbolism for an implied sense of righteousness (Bernardo).In the face of danger, all she thought about was saving herself.On the other hand, the criminal was preoccupied with killing people for his own satisfaction.


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