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Today, multiculturalism and its politics of identity pose an existential threat to the American political order comparable to slavery in the 1850s or communism during the Cold War.Once confined to graduate seminars and the ethnic “studies” departments at our nation’s colleges and universities, multiculturalism is now the authoritative ideology reigning over higher education, our media and political establishments, legal system, and corporate boardrooms.For the American Founders, the ultimate purpose of politics is justice, and justice meant the equal protection of equal rights rooted in a common understanding of human nature.

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It keeps a running list of friends and enemies, a roster of praise, shame, and blame.

In short, multiculturalism is a worldview—a , in the classical sense; a political and cultural way of life all wrapped up in one.

Trump understands instinctually that multiculturalism (and its politics of identity and political correctness) is anti-American.

He understands that the unity found in patriotism is the antidote to a politics of group identity that if left unchallenged will irreparably divide and balkanize the American citizenry and lead to disunion.

Lincoln operated on the basis of a political philosophy grounded in the laws of nature.

American Culture Essays

This established both a purpose (the securing of the common good and certain rights) and a set of principles that provided the means for achieving that purpose.

America’s most important politico-cultural virtue, though, has been the insistence to its current—and especially potential—citizens that they assimilate to a certain view of justice embodied in the Declaration of Independence and safeguarded by our state and national political institutions, first and foremost the U. Multiculturalism is a comprehensive ideology, demanding obeisance to a rigid system of justice, vices, and virtues.

It boasts an intellectual tradition that guides its leadership and adherents in the policing of its boundaries and the maintenance of its categories.

They are enamored with process rather than substance and do not think comprehensively about the rhetoric of justice. Unless conservatives begin to think about politics as Lincoln did—comprehensively—they will lose to multiculturalism.

A defense of the American way of life in terms of mere economics, size of government, federalism, subsidiarity, originalism, liberty, or other abstractions will be insufficient.


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