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Humphrey and Edith, however, argue that such separations are theoretical and hardly realizable (34).During the civil rights protests in the United States of America, Martin Luther King Junior, a clergy and young leader, lambasted the church for its silence and indifference in times of oppression.

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Sophocles’ starts with an intense argument between Antigone and her sister, Ismene, over the burial of their brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices. Polyneices, on the other hand, is seen as a traitor because he dies fighting against Thebes.

According to the laws of the land, Eteocles deserves an honorable burial while his brother should rot unburied on the spot where he has died.

In Britain, the church played a leading role in abolition of the slave trade.

In South Africa, Bishop Desmond Tutu led his followers to demonstrate against the state perpetrated apartheid.

She also wants to uphold the laws of gods, as she fears that failure to do so will attract their wrath against the people. He is afraid that such acts of impunity, as demonstrated by Antigone, will hurt his legacy.

Besides, it is the fear that forces him to seek counsel from Teiresias, the blind village priest, on the controversy surrounding the burial of his nephew.In spite of this, Antigone decides to take this path.Creon insists on enforcing the laws of the land that prohibit the burial of traitors.In Sophocles’ , Ismene is afraid to participate in her brother’s burial for fear of death by mob justice.Antigone, on the other hand, is driven by love for her slain brother.Those who go against this law risk death by mob justice.Antigone, however, is ready to violate the law and bury her slain brother.This sets the first stage for a conflict with her uncle.Religion decrees that a dead man ought to be buried in order to save the society against a bad omen.As this paper will demonstrate, the tension between Antigone and Creon symbolizes a higher conflict between the state and god laws.Additionally, this paper will delve into the modern day conflict between the church and the state as seen in contentious issues such as abortion and same sex marriage.


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