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They overcome horrific conditions and paralyzing fear because they don’t want to let their fellow soldiers down.

The willingness to risk your life for someone else, who is likely very different from you, stems from the trust that the military spends so much time creating.

And those communities are home to the poor, the middle class, and the economic elite, all with wide-ranging education levels and political beliefs.

The residents also include generations of families, new citizens, immigrants, and people seeking to become citizens.

So Cal’s 10 million inhabitants are a rich racial and ethnic tapestry of white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern peoples.

You can find more than 200 ethnicities, cultures, and customs and literally hear hundreds of languages. The region is consistently one of the top recruiting areas in the nation for the Navy and the Marine Corps.That purpose, those values, and that sense of belonging ensure the integration of a diverse collection of citizens and legal residents from every corner of the United States and its territories.Purpose, values, and belonging Of course, the military’s main mission is to protect our national security and way of life.The result is a common bond that transcends race, ethnicity, education, economic status, blood, and soil. But any institution or even nation can emulate some of these factors and create common bonds.Creating community The military’s success with assimilation and integration also rests in its sense of community. For example, anyone who has participated in team sports knows how community is created through sacrifice and adversity, both of which are fundamental in military service.Southern California also is the most fertile recruiting ground for the U. Through each phase of turning citizens and legal residents into soldiers, and soldiers into cohesive units, the Army assimilates them in a way that builds disciplined, unified teams.At the heart of this work is a shared sense of purpose and belonging, which are predicated upon common values.The region’s five counties comprise deserts, mountains, plains, and coastal areas.Those counties include rural, suburban, and densely urban communities.In a force as diverse as America’s, a core set of values plays an important role in forging that trust.Every day, recruiters, drill sergeants, first-line supervisors, and the entire military chain of command reinforce loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, courage, and commitment. Duke from 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, interacts with the crowd while participating in the Marine Air Ground Task Force demonstration in Miramar, Calif., Sept. (Department of Defense) True, the military creates bonds in ways the larger society cannot replicate, such as through uniformity, discipline, common language, and a hierarchical chain of command.


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