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Click here for more details about the Originality Report The sentence matching scores represent the percentage probability that two phrases have the same meaning.

This number can also be interpreted as the reciprocal to the probability that these two phrases are similar by chance.

Below is a Venn diagram outlining which file types support both features:  Please note that assignment submissions with special characters (i.e., #,:,*,space, etc.) are not evaluated by Safe Assign and will not generate a report.

It is recommended that users only include numbers, letters, hyphens, and underscores in their filenames.

Like other options on Assignments, this option will be point-in-time and editable after assignment creation.

If the option were changed at a later date, new submissions would honor the new state of the setting.

It also shows the suspected sources of each section of the submitted paper that returns a match.

The faculty can then delete matching sources from the report and process it again.


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