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Your current school assignments will be displayed on the following screen.If you need assistance, please contact Facilities Planning Services at 571-423-2330.Districts, which usually cover large swaths of a borough, impact students’ middle school and in some cases, high school choices.

Hemphill reports that the most sought after school districts include District 2, which runs south of 96th Street on the east side and south of 59th Street on the west side but excludes the Lower East Side (the LES has long been represented by a separate school district); District 15, which includes Park Slope, Sunset Park, and Cobble Hill; and District 26, which covers Bayside in Queens.

What is the cost of living in a desired school district?

Like many things in New York City, however, a block can make a world of difference.

In some neighborhoods, such as the Upper East Side, scoring an address on one side of the street will put your child into one of the city’s the most desirable school zones and districts.

HOW IT WORKS Clara Hemphill is the editor of Inside Schools—a website hosted by the Center for New York City Affairs—which provides detailed statistics and reviews on every public school in the city.

As Hemphill explains, “In New York, there are 32 school districts and about 750 school attendance zones, and certainly, school attendance zones are an important consideration for parents choosing an apartment.” Hemphill adds, “School enrollment has boomed in the past 10 years in school districts that are considered desirable, like District 2 in Manhattan and District 15 in Brooklyn, and declined in districts that are considered undesirable, like District 5 in Harlem and District 16 in Brooklyn.” Not surprisingly, this trend is not without its problems.

Learn more on how to determine school assignment and boundary changes under consideration by visiting School Boundary Information .

The Office of Facilities Planning Services can answer questions concerning boundary information.

Welcome to the Boundary Information System Find Your School This website identifies which Fairfax County Public Schools and Advanced Academic elementary and middle school Centers serve a particular address.

Please note that attendance areas/boundaries are periodically changed by the School Board.


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