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However, there are still differences between the two.

Before subletting or assigning your lease, you should review your lease agreement and talk about your options with your landlord.

Both options have pros and cons, but the first step is examining the current lease in order to figure out whether there are any restrictions on assignment or subletting.

Commercial leases are contracts and, as such, are subject to their terms.

The former, or assigning, tenant is still liable to the landlord according to the original commercial lease agreement.

A lease assignment can also be called: Sometimes, a tenant has to leave before their lease is up.If you're considering assigning your lease, you should make absolutely sure that your landlord agrees to the arrangement because you are transferring your lease to a new party.If you need help with commercial lease assignment, you can post your legal need on Up Counsel's marketplace.Although the new tenant takes on these rights and interests, the assigning tenant is still liable to the landlord.If the new tenant breaches the lease, the landlord can enforce the terms of the lease on both the new tenant and old tenant.This means that all of the terms in the old lease are automatically included in the new agreement.A lease assignment agreement transfers the entire lease, whereas sublease agreement does not.Thus, the language of the lease will dictate whether or not the tenant is able to assign the lease to someone else or sublet the space.If a lease doesn't contain any rules against assignment or transfer, then a tenant is allowed to assign or sublet.A commercial lease assignment happens when a tenant transfers all of his or her rights to a lease to someone else but remains liable for rent payments to the landlord.Due to difficult financial times, businesses have been forced to downsize.


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