Assignment Photography

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While it will be very challenging to capture one picture that addresses all of them, shoot with the idea that your pictures are answering as many as possible.

I used some black plexi as the table, and black matte board for the background. Reflections are a powerful element in photography, but I’m almost embarrassed to admit how long it took me to actually start SEEING them.

I used a single speedlite in a softbox above and behind the subject. I had a “lightbulb moment” one day when shooting with a friend of mine, and since then, I am constantly looking for reflections as an element in my work, whether it be portraits, landscapes, or still lifes.

Found this ironwork and used it to frame a pair of lovers in a rowboat. Once in a while it’s a good idea to change things up and shoot something different.

If you’re a sports shooter, try shooting a still life. These types of exercises forces you out of your comfort zone and helps you learn to see in a new way. But I decided I wanted to try a still life of one of the tools of my trade.


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