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You can use actions to communicate with an external source data system or internally in TMS about a term by assigning an Action to the term; see "Defining and Using Actions".

When a verbatim term enters TMS that requires an Action, you can assign the Action in the Classify VT Omissions window in the Omission Management menu; see "Apply an Action to a Term" for more information.

When you demote a Global VTA to a Domain VTA, you must specify in which TMS domains you want TMS to create a Domain VTA.

If you specify a TMS domain that already has a Domain VTA for that term, TMS will not override the Domain VTA already created.

Users with TMS_APPROVE_PRIV and TMS_RECLASSIFY privileges can create, modify, and delete Action assignments in this window.

Users with TMS_CLASSIFY_PRIV can query in this window.

In the Promote/Demote VTAs window you can change a VTA's status from Global to Domain or from Domain to Global.

You change a VTA's approval status in the Approve VTAs window under the menu option.

Because these Domain VTAs override the classification specified in the Global VTA, there are two possible outcomes in base dictionaries: The outcome is different for Domain VTAs in virtual dictionaries.

If a Domain VTA exists in a virtual dictionary, and it maps to the same dictionary term as a newly promoted Global VTA, TMS retains the Domain VTA.


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