Attendance Monitoring System Related Literature Thesis

Attendance Monitoring System Related Literature Thesis-7
However, one important drawback about this system is the RFID tag read rates degrade tremendously as it comes closer to electronic devices.In [1], an automatic attendance system using fingerprint verification technique was proposed.The GSM network is the main interface between identification centre and the e- passport reader.

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Sequel to these, lecturers and administrators in most developing countries have had to come up with ways to ensure a healthy participation from students, and make sure that the student-lecturer interactive relationship is kept intact.

This in some cases have come in simple forms like roll calls, while in more interesting cases, can be formats like surprise quizzes, extra credit in class, etc.

The fingerprint technique verification was achieved using extraction of abnormal point on the ridge of user’s fingerprint or minutiae technique.

The verification confirms the authenticity of an authorized user by performing one to one comparison of a captured fingerprint templates against the stored templates in the database.

he emergence of electronic paradigm for learning compared to traditional method and availability of almost all information onthe information superhighway(Internet), nowadays have caused students to be less motivated to come to the lecture rooms than ever before.

Laziness on the part of students, nonchalance to school work, extra social activities that have no importance in aiding the objectives of the institution and a lot more, may prevent students from attending lectures.Organizations where manual attendance recordings are done have to spend a lot of time, cost and effort for recording, maintaining and utilizing the time and attendance data of employees.This requires the time-office to record the IN/OUT timings, track leave, and then use this data for generating payroll at the end of every month.These systems generally use either a bar code or biometric authentication [finger print or retina] to detect the employee.But still they have not been able to fully satisfied present requirements.RFID combines radio frequency and microchip technologies to create a smart system that can be used to identify, monitor, secure and do object inventory.At their simplest, RFID systems use tiny chips called ―tags that contain and transmit some piece of identifying information to an RFID reader, a device that in turn can interface with computers [7].The application of RFID Technology to student course attendance monitoring problem especially in developing countries in our proposition will lead to elimination or reduction of the quality time wasted during manual collection of attendance, creation of a student database management system that is not IJSER © 2013 Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 4, Issue 2, February-2013 ISSN 2229-5518prone to errors or being manipulated by anyone and above all aids in better management ofclassroom statistics for allocation of attendancescores in the final grading of student performance in a particular course.A number of related works exist in literature, application of RFID Technology to different areas and specifically to the area of academic attendance monitoring problem.These strategies are however time consuming, stressful and laborious because the valuable lecture time that could otherwise been used for lectures is dedicated to student attendance taking [8] and sometimes not accurate.In addition to all these challenges, the attendances are recorded manually by the tutor and therefore are prone to personal errors.


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