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These attention grabbers make an impression on your readers and provide an effective start to your essay.

These attention grabbers make an impression on your readers and provide an effective start to your essay.

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NOTE: If you’re typing the essay for class, ask your teacher/instructor about HOW your should source quotations.

Different writing styles require a Works Cited or Bibliography entry.

Primarily, you’ll find attention getters from your own experiences.

Once you know your topic and the three points you want to cover in the essay, start asking yourself what you know about the topic and points that make it interesting.

He should experience feelings such as anger, sympathy, wonder, amusement or curiosity.

Narrative grabbers, also called “hooks,” draw readers into a story.Reinforce what you’re about to say with a thought-provoking question.When you begin a narrative with a question, you’re making a point, not seeking an answer.If you’re in the classroom for an essay exam, your resources will be limited to the items allowed in the testing room.You’ll have to rely mostly on what you already know or have heard. See if any of those offer ideas for an attention getter.For those who aren’t already familiar with Jamie Oliver, Food Revolution, or Pink Slime, here’s a You Tube video you could easily find online.Remember, too, that it’s best to use attention getters with which the reader is already familiar, but even if the reader/grader doesn’t know who or what the celebrity, TV show, book, website, etc.I also knew about pink slime because it’s all over Facebook and the internet.Even if I hadn’t known about a popular chef and TV show or the pink slime issue, it would have been very easy to find through a quick internet search.For example, if you’re relaying a time when fire erupted in your home, the introduction draws readers in and becomes a sensory experience when you quote family members: "'Get out of the house now! If your narrative was about sports, you could write, “The spectators in the high school gymnasium could probably hear my heart pounding.I was afraid the basketball would slip from my trembling, slippery hands. ” This type of attention grabber puts readers directly into the scene.


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