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As the owners of the fledgling company Bantam Bagels, the couple had been used to making 1,000 to 2,000 of their mini stuffed bagel balls a day, but within five minutes of appearing on the network, they sold 100,000. It was a terrifying, make-or-break order, but the Oleksaks handled it with the same approach they took to landing two , and as of this summer, to Starbucks stores nationwide: Say yes, then roll up your sleeves and figure out a way to make it work."There was no not making this," Elyse explained."It was our first big chance."The Oleksaks set up shifts around the clock in their shop off of Bleecker Street in Manhattan, a spot chosen for its authenticity (If you want a great bagel, you go to NYC.

On the business end, Grenier's helped Bantam Bagels secure business deals and advised them as they've strategized how to build the company into an instantly recognizable brand. and figuring out a way to fulfill those orders."The old 'fake it till you make it' adage is the core of our approach to business," Elyse said.That next night, they got to work, whipping up their first test batch."We had to Google, 'how to make bagels' that first night, because we didn't know," Nick said.With each new flavor, the team focused on trying to make it the most surprising, can't-have-just-one combination they could think of.That often meant putting subtle spins on old favorites, like adding seasonings to their veggie cream cheese so it wouldn't seem bland by comparison when stuffed in an everything bagel ball."If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere," Elyse added.Just four months after opening, QVC came calling with its 100,000-bagel request.Fact.) and constant foot traffic, yet so narrow you could practically stretch your arms and touch both walls.It was close quarters, and there wasn't much oven space, but the pair realized that if they cranking out bagel balls for 24 hours a day that entire week, they might just manage it.Now, the Oleksaks are setting their sights on your grocery aisles, with the goal of selling frozen Bantam Bagels at every supermarket in the U. "When you have an idea that you believe in as much as we do with this, you don't need another reason to dive in," Elyse said."You just do it." Clearly, that approach has been working well for them so far.


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