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Prerequisites for effective business systems planning are the existence of a business plan that details the goals and strategies of the company and the communication of the plan to the people responsible for implementing the plan.The requirements for a company's information systems can only be integrated into a plan when it is clear where the company wants to go and how it plans to get there.The organization then reorders processes according to the product (or service) life cycle.

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For large businesses, this can be an expensive process involving consultants and specialists, but smaller businesses can often perform the analysis and planning in house.

If the company has manufacturing, the information system has to include production planning.

If it is service oriented, the software has to have hourly billing and cost assignment features.

The strategies, company processes and data represent the major inputs to the planning of the information systems, but the systems themselves are subject to constraints.

The most important limitation, especially for small businesses, is the cost.


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