Childhood Memory Essay

Childhood Memory Essay-14
These memories are of pure bliss and are taken from the only period in your life in which you are free.

These memories are of pure bliss and are taken from the only period in your life in which you are free.I grew up in portrush in a small house in Brooklyn place but as my grand parents got older we moved closer to them in fact just up the road.One day it would be a go-cart and the next a small wooden hut, the list was endless.

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As you get older life just deteriates into a spiral set out by today’s society this only consists of stupid pettty laws and the idea you can never be good enough to meet the expectations of other people.

Childhood is the only time in your life when you are not degraded and demoralised by people who think they are above you.

Wouldn’t you give anything to be innocent and uncorrupted by societies “views” and “stereotypes” again?

The innocence of being young is something we do not appreciate until you are faced with deadlines and responsibilities of growing up.

I have many particular childhood memories but some are really particular to me. I used to compose verse forms when I was 11 old ages old.

Nature was my resort area and nature was my plaything.

The summer is every Childs euphoria two whole months of freedom, fun and of course if you live in portrush sun and sand, well maybe not so much sun as sand.

On the warm summer July mornings I would walk down the road to my grandparents house and would be greeted by the smell of warm toast and the aroma of a cup of warm tea. ” we would all scream in desperation not to miss a minute of are favourite shows. My granddad was a lovely man but not the sort you would want to wake in the morning as he would venture downstairs to tell us of and then proceed to behave fecetiously.

One of the things I remember the most, are the many contraptions we would strive to build.

These seemed like massive undertakings for a couple of children like us and looking back they were.


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