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While it is doubtful that this will happen, polls by the Pew Research Center indicate that if current trends continue, Muslims worldwide will outnumber Christians by the end of this century.Part of the reason is the significant difference in fertility rates: 3.1 children per child-bearing Muslim mother compared to 2.3 for mothers of all other groups.

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It is forcing the dominant Christian populations to find ways of responding.

Just as an evangelical Pentecostal constituency in Brazil forced that nominally Catholic country to adjust to this new reality, so Islam in Europe is forcing changes to practices.

And God forbid (so to speak) that it should preach any sort of moral standards, social or sexual.

This Islam would in short be a variant of the most pallid and shrinking forms of liberal Christianity, and we might well ask why exponents of any religion might want to see their faith develop in this way. One of Europe’s dilemmas—and to a lesser extent that of the United States and Canada—is the effect of an aging population.

In mid-2011, the Pew Research Center did a large study of opinions within Muslim and Western publics to gauge the tensions between the two.

It concluded that “many in the West see Muslims as fanatical and violent, while few say Muslims are tolerant or respectful of women.How we respond to the challenge of living together as people of different faiths is at the heart of this essay.As I will expand on later, this is especially critical for those of us who see ourselves as called to be witnesses for Christ, seeking to win others to a saving faith in him.Harold Jantz In the last fifteen years, many world events in which religion played a part have deeply shaken us; they need little recounting.The latest has been the flow of an estimated million refugees into Europe in 2015, many of them from the Middle East.In Saudi Arabia, for example, the population grew from 16.9 million in 1992 to 27.1 million in 2010, and 37 percent were fourteen and younger.In Canada, by contrast, only 17.6 percent are fourteen or younger.Geoffrey Troughton is a Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.His research focuses on religion in New Zealand, the history of Christianity, and contemporary religious change.It became the largest genocide on European soil since the Second World War.The legacy of those crimes in the former Yugoslavia lingers to this day.


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