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In the flipped classroom, the teacher is there to help with the instruction piece, the learning, while the lecture is done at home. Aaron Sams and I decided to start making videos that we could give kids to take home so they wouldn’t have to spend so much time after school getting help. We had about 160 kids taking chemistry class, and 30 had no [computer] access. And then we asked ourselves, “Are there better ways for kids to learn these things? Two years ago, we began to say the videos shouldn’t be the focus.

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Today, the 48-year-old helps teachers around the world “flip” their classrooms. The next day in class he asked the students what topic they wanted to discuss.

Last week, he was at Harvard Law School talking about the virtues of flipping.

For nearly 20 years, high school chemistry teacher Jonathan Bergmann would teach a lesson in class, help students after school and give them standard homework assignments. But seven years ago, he and Aaron Sams, another teacher at Woodland Park High School in Colorado, decided to do something different. I always thought that would be harder, but they love it. In this model, everybody gets the teacher’s attention. This makes the role of the teacher at least as important as ever.

The initial impetus was reducing the time kids spend with teachers after school. I don’t know the numbers, but they learn the material. In my first 19 years as a teacher, I was a good stand-and-deliver lecture guy. I haven’t seen a whole lot of social studies and history, but there is a movement amongst them.

While not directly illustrating the concept of "flipping" a classroom, King's work is often cited as an impetus for an inversion to allow for the educational space for active learning.

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Harvard professor Eric Mazur played a significant role in the development of concepts influencing flipped teaching through the development of an instructional strategy he called peer instruction.And in class, you, the teacher, help students as they do what they would normally do at home. When you are stuck in the old model, kids would go home and do one of three things. If they didn’t understand what they were supposed to have learned in school, they gave up, called a friend or cheated. We realized we were giving the same assignments and experiments and homework. The result has been a total rethinking of how classrooms operate, all based on a question every teacher should be asking: “What is the best use of our face-to-face class time? Kids can make videos, games, projects to show that they have learned the material. There’s a guy in Dallas who is an economics teacher who flipped his class. ” The answer for Bergmann: turning his class upside down. ” We said, “You can learn it any way you like.” How are kids supposed to know where to go to learn the material? One video the kids watched at home was about supply and demand. He said, “Fine,” and started asking if there is supply and demand in the NBA. He is now the lead technology facilitator for the Joseph Sears School in Kenilworth, Ill. Here are excerpts of conversations I had with Bergmann on the phone and by e-mail: Q. In the simplest form, basically, it’s this: What’s normally done in class, the direct instruction piece, the lecture, is done now at home with videos. In the science world, there is an open source deal called PHET with free online simulations in different subjects. The flipped classroom intentionally shifts instruction to a learner-centered model in which time in the classroom is used to explore topics in greater depth and create meaningful learning opportunities while students are initially introduced to new topics outside of the classroom.In a flipped classroom, 'content delivery' may take a variety of forms.In a flipped classroom, students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, or carry out research at home while engaging in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a mentor.In the traditional model of classroom instruction, the teacher is typically the central focus of a lesson and the primary disseminator of information during the class period.


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