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Many programs only accept applicants with an undergraduate GPA over a certain threshold, such as a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 or 3.0.Most often, students are required to send in official transcripts from all previous postsecondary institutions to show they meet this GPA requirement or any other academic prerequisites.Additionally, the personal statement essay provides applicants with a place to discuss any potential weaknesses in other aspects of their application, for example, their GPA or standardized tests scores.

For students interested in our technical associate degrees and certificate programs offered through Western Colorado Community College (WCCC) – admission is generally open.

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education has set up an index recommendation for students interested in earning bachelor's degrees at Colorado colleges and universities. R.) for baccalaureate programs, while students below the index will be considered for admission into associate and certificate programs.

In an effort to help students navigate the application process, and maximize their chances of admission, we spoke with faculty members from some of the top master’s in communication programs in the country to get their advice on the matter.

They had plenty of tips to offer, including the top qualities to demonstrate in an application, what students should address in their personal statement, and how to best go about requesting letters of recommendation.

Additional advice in this article comes from a panel discussion lead by four communication professors that took place during the Graduate Student Workshop at the Western States Communication Association’s 2018 annual convention in Santa Clara, California.

Read through all the advice these professors and faculty members had to share for applying to a master’s in communication program in the sections below.Colorado Mesa University considers students with an index of 92 or higher and successful completion of the Higher Education Admission Recommendations (H. Applying to a master’s degree program can be intimidating for even the most qualified individuals. Once your application is complete (including submission of test scores and transcripts) you will receive an admissions decision within a few weeks. Applications are accepted throughout the year and processing times for applications are quick.The personal statement is a chance for students to discuss their qualifications and what they hope to achieve in the program, all while demonstrating they are adequately prepared for graduate-level study.This gives the admissions committee a better understanding of each applicant’s personality and passions, and ultimately, whether or not they would make a good fit for the particular program.While some master’s in communication programs require students to submit GRE or GMAT test scores as part of the application process, many do not.Those that include the GRE as an admission requirement may also do so on a conditional basis, only requiring test scores from students who fail to meet other admission criteria, such as the minimum GPA threshold.These are typically written by past professors or employers who can vouch for the applicant’s personal qualifications and aptitude.Depending on their particular focus, some programs may prefer or even require letters of recommendation from a certain type of reference.


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