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Take the following thesis as an example that leans more toward contrasting.Here the thesis sets up the two subjects to be compared and contrasted (organic versus conventional vegetables), and it makes a claim about the results that might prove useful to the reader.In order to make accurate evaluations about a given topic, you must first know the critical points of similarity and difference.

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The most difficult part of a compare/contrast essay is its organization.

This guide will walk you through the steps of getting started and organizing your essay just the information you need to complete the assignment.

Tips for students on writing a Compare / Contrast essay.

While this guide is not comprehensive, it does provide enough information for students to follow and pass the assignment.

See Table 10.3 "Phrases of Comparison and Contrast" for examples.

Create an outline for each of the items you chose in Note 10.72 "Exercise 1" and Note 10.73 "Exercise 2".

Drawing distinctions between elements in a similar category will increase the audience’s understanding of that category, which is the purpose of the compare-and-contrast essay.

Similarly, to focus on comparison, choose two subjects that seem at first to be unrelated.

For more in-depth information, consult your instructor and course materials.

NOTE: The advice offered here covers the bare minimums in an attempt to help those who are running short on time or unsure of how to get started.


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