Competitive Analysis Business Plan Example

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Evaluate your competitors by placing them in strategic groups according to how directly they compete for a share of the customer's dollar.

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A competitive analysis is a critical part of your company marketing plan.

With this evaluation, you can establish what makes your product or service unique--and therefore what attributes you play up in order to attract your target market.

Your research should focus on understanding how customers are coping with the problem today.

This requires a deep understanding of all the alternatives that are available to them — including direct and indirect competitors.

Considering all the options available to your prospective customers helps you differentiate your offering and establish a sustainable competitive advantage.

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The free Excel and Power Point templates provided here make it easy to organize and communicate your competitive research. Choose from a wide range of examples and download them at no cost.When considering which template to use, it is important to think about the factors you want to analyze and how you will share your findings.Listed below are the pre-built examples included in this guide.Cloud-based competitor templates are available in Aha! A competitor analysis is an important part of your business plan.Once you have defined the vision for your product and the customer problem you are solving, it is essential to understand the other companies in your market. It also allows you to set strategies that address the needs of your prospective customers better than your competitors can.Surpass your competition by using these carefully selected templates to see where your product fits in the market.This template makes it easy to visualize your competitors in a single view.Of course, if you want to quickly capture competitive information, build product roadmaps, and define go-to-market strategies using a collaborative and web-based approach, you can try Aha! If you are not yet ready to do that, get started with the templates below.A competitor analysis is a useful tool to understand the market landscape.This helps you identify alternative ways prospective customers can solve their problems.It is also a great way to evaluate other vendors' strategies so you can assess their strengths and weaknesses.


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