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If not, STUDENT asks the user for more information, and indicates the nature of the desired information.The STUDENT system is a first step toward natural language communication with computers.When your computer stops responding — also known as “crashing”— it can result in you losing hours of work.

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This can make figuring out what happened very difficult, especially if you’re not that used to using computers.

To make things easier, we’ve put together this guide to the five most common computer problems, and how to fix each one.

This lists all the apps and programs that load when Windows 10 starts up.

If this is a long list, that will be the cause of your PC being slow to boot.

The STUDENT problem solving system, programmed in LISP, accepts as input a comfortable but restricted subset of English which can express a wide variety of algebra story problems.

STUDENT finds the solution to a large class of these problems.

What usually happens is that your PC will become unresponsive for a few seconds, and then the screen will turn completely blue and an error message (that’s sometimes completely indecipherable) will appear.

Your PC will then restart, and if you’re lucky you won’t have lost too much work.

STUDENT then tries to solve this set of equations for the values of requested unknowns.

If it is successful it gives the answers in English.


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