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This is because it is the package which is in physical contact with the consumer at the retail level (Warlop et al., 2005; Zeithaml, 1988; Rossiter and Percy, 1987).The package should therefore be distinct from the others and be designed in an attractive way so as to get the attention of the customer.For intance, it is cheaper to use a shinny plastic covering as compared to plain cardboard and paper for packaging but most businesses preffer to use the latter in packing their products instead of the former.

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As stated in the works of Pringle and Binet (2005) peoples background and their environmental beliefs can have an effect in the consumers choice making process while purchasing a product (p. Hindus view cows as sacred animals thus the chances of the ignoring a product because it has the drawing of a cow on the side is high.

Christians on the other hand will have a higher chance of purchasing the product because they do not have any negative attitudes towards cows.

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People are inclined to buy items they recognize with (Shaw et al., 2005, 67-88).

Through exellent packaging a brand earns an element known as Distinctive Asset which is a non brand element of the product that is uniquely linked to the memory of consumers (Romaniuk and Hartnett, 2010).Coming up with a brand name for a product is mainly the work of the managerial staff of the manufacturing company.However, a lot of effort is needed in the designing of the package of the product.The same case applies to Muslims in relation to pigs.Books and magazines on the other hand have pictures of attractive men and women on the cover to attract a specific target group of consumers (Sandhusen, 2000, p.19).As it is, firms spend a lot of money on packaging their products in such a way which is aimed at winning the eye of the consumer which makes it to have a positive impact on consumer behavior.For example breakfast cereals are packed with cartoon images on the box to attract young children who are the target market.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Building of consumer loyalty and promotion of consumer behavior are key factors which have to be considered especially when putting out a new product in the market.It is common for a consumer not to recognize a good due to its dull mode of packaging.This reduces the selling rates of the product and if the firm is not careful then it may run into losses.


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