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Obviously, exercises cure blank page syndrome because they give you something to write about.Of course, you still have to get from Point A to Point B.Just as physical exercise builds muscle tone and chisels away at our body fat, writing exercises help us to refine our craft, peeling away the lazy metaphors and uninspired descriptions to reveal the crisp phrases and evocative imagery underneath — the writing we are capable of.

Otherwise, you end up with a whole genre of books that sound like watered-down Hemingway or Steinbeck or (fill in the blank).

One way exercises help us find our voice is through sheer practice.

to be creative, it often feels like I’m going through the motions: sprinkle in a description here, some conflict there.

Creative writing exercises can be an effective tool for rediscovering that spark.

You can’t assume your readers are going to find your story entertaining or moving just because it happened to you. For instance, I grew up in a small town and have always avoided using the names of old classmates — even those I barely knew — for fear they’ll think I’m writing about them.

Creative Writing Prompts Book

In order to realistically understand others and inhabit their world, whether these be fictional characters or your readers (if you’re a blogger/copywriter), you need to step outside of yourself. Of course, many of us are hesitant to write about sex or violence or anything dark because we worry what our friends and family will think of us. Epiphany (more on that below), author Brian Kiteley explains how even the great Donald Barthelme, at the height of his writing career, feared criticism from his father.But your writing shouldn’t read like a diary entry, either.Writing to strangers isn’t like telling like an inside joke to your best friend.The title was, “There Are No Smoothies in Murinosa.” I was very proud of it.On the last day of 12th grade English, we passed around our stories to share with the rest of the class.It’s often said that children are naturally more creative than adults. Because they aren’t afraid to sound ridiculous, and they’re not under the illusion that they have I remember the first “real” short story I wrote (the stories about talking animals didn’t count).It was a hybrid of Joseph Conrad and Kurt Vonnegut.In the process, I learned techniques that could be applied to the horror novel that I was working on.Really, any genre could benefit from more comedic elements, but in horror it’s particularly valuable as it provides relief from the tension.But that’s where timers (10-20 minutes seems to be a good baseline, depending on the complexity of the exercise) and a group come in handy.Knowing that you’re going to share what you wrote with a group helps keep you accountable, and, from my own experience, elevates the quality of my writing immensely.


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