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The courses will examine the ways in which the writing process and cross-cultural experiences are parallel endeavors that can serve to inform and answer each other.

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Students will expand their horizons and world view through literary and cultural encounters, while walking the same cobblestone streets once trod by Franz Kafka and other renowned, and distinctively Czech, writers and artists.

Excursions, tours, and field trips complement the course and students are allowed ample time to explore the city and surrounding regions and pursue their own stories. Session: Early to mid January About: This J-session course offers an intensive two-week immersion in Rome's literature, art, history, and culture.

Surveys of writers and their work supplement the development of writing projects and can add knowledge and inspiration.

Five-Week Session: Late May through late June About: The Creative Writing Summer in Prague program offers students the opportunity to live as writers abroad in one of Europe’s most beautiful, complex, and fascinating cities.

Class time and specific writing assignments will be supplemented by cultural field trips exploring the literary history of Paris.

The Creative Writing Program's study away course Creative Writing (CWRI-UA.9815; 4 credits) is offered during the academic year in Accra, Buenos Aires, London, and Sydney.Literary inspiration abounds when you study abroad…and our programs will inspire and challenge you to elevate your writing and literary skills to the next level.Whether you approach literature and writing as a future career or as a creative outlet, our courses help you explore your voice and hone your craft.Students are encouraged to work closely with the teachers, as mentors, in one on one sessions, in addition to class.The teachers can aid students in forming writing projects—fiction, non-fiction, travel, poetry in all forms—and work along with them to solve programs and develop a strong sense of craft.Upcoming visitors will be announced on the IAU website. For a current list of course offerings please see the Summer Course Catalogue and our Semester Course Catalogue. By studying in a major European city, you will have the unique opportunity to see your curriculum come to life on the stage or by visiting important landmarks in literary history like Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross station or the Notre Dame cathedral.Studying abroad will help you develop personally, academically and professionally; you can gain a better understanding of cultural nuances to aid in your literary analysis or find inspiration for your next piece of creative writing.Students read fiction, poetry, and nonfiction by noted authors; visit major sites, including the Colosseum, Vatican, Roman Forum, Pompeii, churches, museums and places associated with noted authors; and participate in writing workshops at Lorenzo d' Medici.Journal entries and reading responses lead to an extended story, essay, or digital project, which may be done in collaboration with students from the Business and Entrepreneurship Department. Session: Early to Mid January About: While exploring the work of writers such as Ernest Hemingway, James Baldwin, Gertrude Stein, David Sedaris and others, and through deep interaction with the city of Paris and its rich literary heritage, students have the opportunity to experience firsthand life as a creative writer abroad, to see their work in the context of other writers’ works, and to examine the personal and social contexts for creativity.


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