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There is even a quote from one of Arne Duncan's assistants.The article assumes that taking on thousands of dollars of student debt is “normal” and that average Americans rather than corrupt bankers were responsible for the housing bubble and associated economic collapse.On July 5, 2015, the New York Times had the audacity to publish an article called “Now Europe Must Decide Whether to Make an Example of Greece” as if the people of Greece were small children who needed to be taken to the wood shed for failing to do their homework.

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Should House Bill 2214 pass, accelerating the transition to the SBAC test as a graduation requirement from 2019 to 2016, the unfair SBAC math test will place the graduation of more than 50,000 students at risk. Only 40% of high school students failed the SBAC English course compared to the 70% who failed the SBAC math test.

This only puts the future of 30,000 students at risk instead of 50,000 students.

What Common Core and SBAC really promote is rigid, inflexible, convergent robotic repetition of false slogans that are really nothing more than corporate propaganda designed to manipulate students and make it easier for corporations to increase their profits. But there is an old saying about theory and reality, “In theory, theory and reality should be the same.

But in reality, theory and reality are often completely different.” Here is the reality of Common Core and SBAC.

What is lacking is serious critical thinking when it comes to the unsupported and in many cases provably false claims of Common Core and SBAC test advocates.

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Ironically, an additional marketing slogan used by Common Core and SBAC test advocates is that Common Core and SBAC will foster and test for “critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills.” In this article, we will provide examples of what Common Core and SBAC really do with the hope that more people will be able to understand that the reality of Common Core and SBAC is the exact opposite of the claims and marketing slogans.

We are now well past 2014 and it turns out that NCLB did not make any children more proficient.

All this “drill, kill, test and privatize” approach to education really did was rob the tax payers and students of billions of dollars.

This article which could not even be called “news” advocates that states add a financial literacy course as a requirement to for students to graduate from high school.

This would be in addition to all of the other courses required to graduate.


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