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Intervention procedure On the 2 day of clinical experience, clinical instructor who has the experience of concept mapping development taught the students in the experimental group how to create concept maps.The students were informed in advance that a concept map should display each nursing diagnosis and more importantly, its relationship to the patient's data, pathophysiology of the disease and interventions in a holistic view.

Concept map development is an alternative to using care plans as a method to document a plan of care based on evidenced-based practices.

They were originally developed by Novak quoted by Lee et al.

In the authors' program, the traditional linear format nursing care plan used in the first five semesters was found not to meet the needs of sixth-semester nursing students.

These students need to be able to quickly conceptualize the plan of care in a functional format as they graduate and enter the practice arena, where they will be expected to care for multiple patients simultaneously and to rapidly use the nursing process to develop a nursing plan of care based upon priority needs of these patients.

based on Ausubel's assimilation theory of cognitive learning.

When constructing a map, concepts are organized hierarchically in a descending order.

However, some researchers have reported that the current linear nursing care plan format does not meet the educational needs of students to develop CT skills and visualize the interconnectedness of patient clinical data.

In addition, nurse educators feel that the nursing care plans developed by students are not case sensitive and need in-depth comprehension of each client's physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health.

This paper compares the effectiveness of concept mapping and traditional linear nursing care planning on students' CT.

Methods: An experimental design was used to examine the CT of 60 baccalaureate students who participated in pediatric clinical nursing course in the Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, Shahrekord, Iran in 2013.


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