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After that, the lesson will prompt them to come up with a solution or answer.That’s when you can have students work individually, in groups, or as a class to exercise their critical thinking skills.However, topics such as these are becoming more difficult to teach in the classroom since politics has become an increasingly-hot discussion in American culture.

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(Heads up: This website contains ads.) The GDCF pulls most of its from Facing History, a non-profit organization that works to educate students about prejudice, how to identify it, and how to react to it.

This conceptualization makes Facing History an excellent source for critical thinking in general, as it teaches students how they can identify biased sources, parse through stereotypes, and determine what information to accept as fact.

Fortunately, you can teach digital thinking skills to help students work through that kind of problem.

You can also help them learn sequential thinking, logical problem-solving, and much, much more.

As GDCF explains, some of these critical thinking lessons are actually activities that place your students in the positions of discriminators or discriminated.

Others take a more abstract and artistic approach, such as the “body sculpting” activity, that emphasizes respect, kindness, and self-awareness.The Annenberg Institute presents a collection of 18 different lesson plans that run the gamut from detecting false information to understanding the differences between opinions based on beliefs and opinions based on behaviors.They also help teach students how to build an argument and how to detect flaws in ’ arguments as a way to identify truths and lies in everyday life.All you have to do is bring up the page on your projector (or have students access it on their devices) and click on the proper lesson.Then, your students engage with the introductory portion of the lesson that establishes the concept.The answer is then explained in a logical way that can help students refine their critical thinking skills, especially on a conceptual basis.So while the Annenberg Institute’s lessons are based largely on real-world events, TEDEd’s are more like thought experiments and puzzles.Overall, that makes Concordia’s critical thinking resources an excellent start for any educator who has to teach students about 21st Century skills.The (GDCF) is a non-profit organization with the mission of giving students a feeling of responsibility and ethics in a thriving digital world.Depending on your classroom and what you want to achieve with your students, you can always use equal portions of reality- and fiction-based a prestigious institution of higher education that’s aimed at helping current teachers expand their skillsets, innovate in the classroom, and generally improve in their careers.


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