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However, during the witch court trials, Abigail and other girls had the power to say who was innocent and who was guilty.

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In the old days, children were considered unimportant.

They weren't allowed to speak until given permission to, and they didn't make important decisions at all.

She believed that if his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, was out of the way, Abigail and John would be together again.

Therefore, she told everyone that Elizabeth's spirit was trying to kill her and accused Elizabeth of being a witch.

Moreover, many people who were accused of being witches confessed to being witches because they were scared of death.

People who confessed to witchcraft and dealing with the devil only stayed in the jail for a short time while others who refused to give in were hanged.Miller seems to say, don't look for rules or categories or groups of people in the search for moral understanding. Instead, look to the inner qualities of each individual, and especially pay attention to people's dealings with one another.Those who exploit and harm their fellows, for whatever cause, and in the name of no matter what glorious ideal, are to be mistrusted.Within a blink of an eye, the entire village is controlled by a devil that exists within the fear of each person.A drama of suspense and impact, Arthur Miller's The Crucible, explores through the individuals' vengeance, fear, reputation, and quest for power. The people of the town of Salem were not united, but instead, distrusted and disliked each other.By this false model, Parris, the Putnams and the girls are all pure. We confuse the external show with the internal truth, and we get into the sort of nightmarish charade which The Crucible depicts, one repeated throughout history.For example, in Nazi Germany, the rules said that all Jews were evil and Aryans good.Fear also played an important role in The Crucible.The girls were afraid of being accused as witches themselves, so they started accusing other people in the town of being witches.Rebecca nurse warns that 'there is prodigious danger in the seeking of loose spirits. Above all The Crucible investigates the mass hysteria which infects the whole community. To understand the play without thinking about what Miller is trying to say on the subject is not possible.It is obvious that we are looking at wickedness as it is after all, the story of a witch-trial, and involves a good deal of both physical and spiritual cruelty.


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