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Cox September 15, 2014Analysis of Daddy by Sylvia Plath This is a dramatic poem that has 16 stanzas with five lines per stanza.

The poem has free verse quintains with some internal as well as end rhymes.

She begins by expressing her fears of herfather and how he treated her.

Subsequently she conveys her outlook on the wars beingfought in Germany.

The poem’s theme is one of sadness and lack of a paternal bond with one’s parent.

The daughter is finding her closure with her father through this poem.

Subsequently she conveys her outlook on the wars being fought in Germany.

She continues by explaining her life since “Daddy” is considered to be one of the famous poems written by Sylvia Plath. “Daddy” could be interpreted in many different ways because of the way Sylvia Platt consistently changed her thoughts throughout the poem. Sylvia Plath was a gifted and troubled poet, known for the confessional style of her work.

“You do not do, you do not do/Anymore, black shoe,” proclaims Plath in the opening lines of “Daddy” (222), introducing the world to her father, ominous in the color black and consistent in his inability to “do” anything for Plath “anymore.” This depiction of the father as an shoe instead of a man also presents Plath’s deft use of imagery to color the character of her father, this time with the shade of a black shoe.

This image makes the father sound “stifling” (“Slayer” 1).


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