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The biggest advantage of this business is the low investment.

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There are important questions to ask yourself to understand and plan your operational needs. Because delivering the food to a long distant customer attract more costs for transportation than a nearby consumer. Additionally, you must operate your business from your website. An e Commerce store allows your customers to put order, check the menu and pay the bills also.

Do you intend to deliver only one meal a day, say dinner, or are you equipped to handle breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Nowadays, with the small capital investment, you can manage the business from your own online store.

Basically, it depends on the location where you are opening the business.

Additionally, check the upcoming tax liabilities and yearly compliances.

As you are starting the business from home, you must have a specific space for the entire operation.

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Broadly, you need space for inventory storage, cooking, packaging, and office space.Because your overall transportations cost will affect your profit revenue. Additionally, the business demands an attitude of getting satisfaction through serving others.In starting, you can consider providing the service within 20 Kilometer radius. Apart from this, you must have sales and management skills.Basically, the business is perfect for set up in metropolitan cities.Moreover, the location must consist of a large density of commercial offices.The food industry is a multi-million dollar industry worldwide.And the demand for healthy food in the offices is ever increasing. Additionally, you can start and operate the business with small capital investment.In addition, can you take the orders for the small gathering or office get together? Also Read: You must promote your business both in the offline and online.Because your mode of operation will depend on these decisions. For an office food delivery business, it is best to meet your customers personally.The success mantra of the business is a timely delivered good food in reasonable price.Additionally, maximum workplaces maintain the specific lunch times.


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