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Under this environment, they have no choice but to seize every chance to increase profits.A feasible method is by using financial derivatives.The approach we follow here is the same as that discovered historically: You can skip the first few sections if you just need the differentiation rules, but that would be a shame because you won't see why it works the way it does.

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We notice that the slope (gradient) is always `300/5 = 60` for the whole graph.

We need differentiation when the rate of change is not constant. First, let's take an example of a car travelling at a constant .

In the present-day society, with the development of globalization, small companies are struggling to survive in a severe environment.

Not only do they have to compete with large companies, but also are affected by the impact of fluctuating economic climates.

So the slope of the tangent at `t = 1` is about: `"slope"=(y_2-y_1)/(x_2-x_1)` The units are m/s, as this is a velocity.

We have found the rate of change by looking at the slope.

Then the ball starts to fall and the slope becomes negative (corresponding to the negative velocity) and the slope becomes steeper (as the velocity increases in a negative sense).

Notice that if we zoom in close enough to a curve, it begins to look like a straight line.

At the beginning, it has a steep positive slope (indicating the large velocity we give it when we throw it).

Then, as it slows, the slope get less and less until it becomes `0` (when the ball is at the highest point and the velocity is zero).


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