Dissertation Employee Retention

Dissertation Employee Retention-58
The participants were full-time employees from a public community college in the state of Hawaii.

The data were numerically reported, using p-values and the correlation coefficient to show the strength of the variable relationships.

The study results showed no statistical significance in correlations in four transformational leadership dimensions and employee turnover intentions.

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Cronbach alpha coefficients were used to assess the reliability and validity of the measuring instruments.

Analysis showed satisfactory reliability for both the MLQ (5X-Short) and the Turnover Intention Scale.

It was recorded that nearly 7% of academic staffs has left.

At the same time the number of staffs recruited has greater than the number leaving.Limitations, potential implications, and suggestions for future research were presented.The supplemental file or files you are about to download were provided to Pro Quest by the author as part of a dissertation or thesis.Factor analysis showed two principal components for the MLQ (5X-Short) items and one for the Turnover Intention Scale.Survey responses were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Pearson correlation analysis.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Dissertation Proposal Service.The success and failure of every organization depends on the quality of people found in the organization.During the last few decades a lots of research has been taking place to find out the factors involved which can ensure their long time sucdess in this competitive business field.Recently, research revealed that employee retention is inhance by the compensation and reward system, Rashid and Zhao (2009).A research report by Metcalf et al (2005) found that in 2001-2002 approximately 87% of academic staffs were working in the same institution those who worked in the previous year and recruitment rate was thirteen percent and this figure is include a high percentage who were new to the institution.


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