Dissertation Report On Cash Management

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The main role here is played by the time value of money.

The current management of monetary capital aims to effectively distribute cash in order to avoid cash gaps and reduce the unreasonably high share of non-profit money assets.

The cash management algorithm includes a consistent chain of procedures, starting with a regular analysis of cash flows and ending with the provision of tight control over the use of cash (Figure 8.6). The first works, most often mentioned in the educational literature on money management, consider the problem of minimizing the costs of transactions of the firm with cash.

The key problem in a number of formulated tasks is to optimize the cash balances on the accounts and forecast the cash receipts. Optimal balance of cash Step-by-step execution of the following actions is assumed: 1. Basically, the alternative costs of keeping cash (missed opportunity for their profitable investment) and the transaction costs for their management (by exchanging money for securities or taking short-term loans) are minimized.

Therefore, the organization must constantly balance, maintaining current solvency and simultaneously investing free cash in order to profit, optimizing their average current balance (Figure 8.7). The model of Bomol can be used in conditions of stability and predictability of the company's cash.

If you don’t see the necessary subject, paper type, or topic in our list of available services and examples, don’t worry!Operations management is a fundamental part of any business firm.It refers to designing, operating and controlling the transformation process that see the conversion of resources such as labour and raw materials into the output such as finished goods and services.You should use a framework such as the 5 performance objectives.Consideration must be given to the customer’s view, i.e. You may benchmark to evaluate if the feature is strength.The need for more sophisticated approaches for inventory planning and control in Tesco operational activities has resulted in the growth of complex information systems that measures the level of inventory and reorder the stock automatically. The system updates the stock record and generates reports on the position of the stock so that operation managers can see the status of actual inventory against the forecasts (Elearn 2013). It focuses on lean manufacturing, thus avoiding large batches. Available at: https:// [Accessed on: 30 October 2014]. The significance of operations management has increased dramatically over the past decade.Major reasons for such increased attention on operations management are foreign competition, shorter service and product life cycles, and better-educated and quality conscious consumers (Hollins and Shinkins 2006).Therefore, the task is reduced to optimizing the average value of the current balance of cash on the accounts and the formation of a reserve of cash to pay unforeseen expenses.The results of a successful solution of such a task are obvious: synchronization of cash flows by volumes and terms of receipt (liquidation of cash gaps), obtaining additional income from investing free funds, ensuring current solvency of the company. The calculation can be made based on the indicators of cash turnover and the average daily cash flow in the company. Money turnover - the amount of credit revolutions on cash accounts. A more complex tool for optimizing the level of cash is the use of process modeling elements.


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