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Robert Pszczel, Senior Officer for Russia and the Western Balkans of NATO PDD thinks that when speaking about disinformation, one has to put them in a certain context. ”Tradicional media must adhere to the laws, they are responsible if they publish lies.

The same thing should apply to platforms, they do not make the exception simply because they are ”platforms”.

It is the result of the regulation of the Governement and the President Aleksandar Vučić.

Nicolas de Pedro, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Statecraft, said that we are far from fully understanding the challenges we are facing and that fact is alarming.

The great challenge and the problem is the impact on our lives and society. We are the worst version of ourselves, “said Kriššák, who also identified the amount of information that is in fact disinformation as extremely problematic.

He stated that social platforms were made by a man, and everything made by a man can be used in a good and a bad way.DISINFORMATION AFFECTS ALL SOCIETIES; IT IS NECESSARY TO ENCOURAGE CRITICAL THINKING Modern civilization created what could be the weapon of mass destruction of society, and we do not know what will happen and what circumstances we can excpect in 15-20 years.This is one of the messages conveyed during the last panel discussion under the title ”Age of disinformation: learning resilience and living with lies” within To Be Secure (2BS) Forum in Budva. The youth is overfocused on media platforms”, he said.I fear that some bosses confuse critical thinking with “read my mind and do things just as I would.” Or they confuse thinking critically with criticizing.It takes no skill to shoot down ideas, but plenty of talent to develop them well.Russia knows how to use the system for undermining, and we need to create a strategy that will help us fight it, he explained.“I think that we are far away, that we do not have the proper understanding of the problem, it is difficult to develop a strategy because of the nature of challenges and threats.The panelists said, among other things, that disinformation affects all societies, and that disinformation is just the tip of the iceberg. He appealed for investigative journalism, stating that a good investigative journalist is a rare sort in this part of the world. Arnis Šnore, Deputy Director of the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, said that they consider this issue one of the means of a wider hybrid environment.Therefore, critical thinking should be encouraged through media literacy campaigns. To realize where we stand now and what we have to do in order to become more resilient is the most important thing, according to him.We shoud bare in mind that disinformation is not a domain, it is something which affects all societies.This is not the issue of two or three media outlets, this is a phenomenon influencing the society“, stated de Pedro.


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