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This sounds like something you might be interested in if you do want to write about these topics, because there was a lot of information about different types of teachers and readers, which you could then link to some examples of children's literature, evaluating how it might encourage different types of readers or be interpreted by them?Unfortunately I don't have the module plan/readings otherwise I'd send them on. I'd definitely recommend speaking to some of your tutors about your ideas too - it's never too early to chat with them.

a Cambridge Companion to Children's Literature if such a thing exists.

Have a read of these to help get a sense of some of the general schools of thought on the topics.

English literature is a complex and specialized field of study. But this short article serves as a reminder that if the right approach is taken towards literary studies, researching dissertation ideas can be fairly easy. All this short article does for now is give five excellent ideas for an English literature dissertation. You do not, at this stage, need to be a specialist in the literary genre.

You can take your current field of interest, for example, crime fiction, and apply it to your literary studies.

You've got plenty of time so it's really a case of reading widely, challenging yourself, and thinking about what you could work on for a long period of time, in-depth. Lilith I’ve just finished my second year of university and starting on thinking of some ideas for dissertation..I can’t think of anything at all!

Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated please. Although I don't take English lit (I took lang), my course did a module called English in education.Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated please.Heya, I would have a search for journals on Children's literature or books with a variety of essays on the topic e.g.Also, I studied at Glasgow University and there was a specific course on Children's Literature and I believe other universities do Masters courses on the topic.I would try and get the reading list for these courses online; that should be about to point you in the right direction.Author study: Austen, Dickens, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Zadie Smith, Bret Easton Ellis, Burroughs, Waugh, Conrad, John Christopher, Dickenson, Duffy, Churchill, etc.Literally looking at an author's work and its related problems, similarities, themes etc.Another option is to start with the texts themselves - think about the children's literature you have studied and enjoyed and the topics within that that get you really interested.The main thing with a dissertation is to pick a topic you can really sit with for a long time that is going to constantly engage you and something which offers a unique contribution to knowledge i.e. That could be picking different texts that aren't often studied e.g.Bromberg, English PDF Rhetorical Investments: Writing, Technology, and the Emerging Logics of the Public Sphere, Dan Ehrenfeld, English PDF Kiskeyanas Valientes en Este Espacio: Dominican Women Writers and the Spaces of Contemporary American Literature, Isabel R.Espinal, English PDF “TO WEIGH THE WORLD ANEW”: POETICS, RHETORIC, AND SOCIAL STRUGGLE, FROM SIDNEY’S ARCADIA TO SHAKESPEARE’S THEATER, David Katz, English PDF CIVIC DOMESTICITY: RHETORIC, WOMEN, AND SPACE AT HULL HOUSE, 1889-1910, Liane Malinowski, English PDF Charting the Terrain of Latina/o/x Theater in Chicago, Priscilla M.


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