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But, like a doddering old lady, I knew they all very likely happened and I genuinely appreciated that my husband explained things so patiently and kindly. For example, I cannot seem to keep track of which day is library day and which day they have movement. They wouldn’t be the first, and they seem to take it in stride.

Cancers cause about 4 million deaths annually at the world level which account for about 10% of all deaths. The physical, biological and chemical agents, which induce cancer growth, are called carcinogens (Table 8.20). Ionising radiations like X-rays, gamma-rays and particulate radiations from radioactive substances are known to rupture DNA strands and induce mutations to cause neoplastic transformation and cancer e.g., excessive exposure to sunlight may stimulate the development of skin cancer in farmers. Early detection of cancers is essential as at the later stages most of cancers become incurable. This information may lead to new ways to stop the cancer from growing.

In India, more than one million people suffer from cancer and a large number of them die from it annually. Cancers show uncontrolled mitotic divisions of cells causing unorganized growth due to breakdown of those regulatory mechanisms which control and regulate the growth and differentiation of cells. Cancer cells do not show contact inhibition as shown by normal cells and which inhibits their uncontrolled growth. Evidence for the carcinogenic effect of X-rays is documented that the incidence of leukemia is about ten times in radiologists than in other physicians. These oncoviruses have viral oncogenes (V-onc genes) which cause oncogenic transformation. Cancer can be controlled in early stages and control depends upon the location and spread of the cancer.

Later, I asked my husband what made him decide to get a new car today.

I didn’t mind that he didn’t consult me; it is just unlike him to do anything without careful thought over an extended period of time.“We talked about this,” he reminded me, without defensiveness or blame. “We talked about it with our neighbors at the party last month.


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