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Given how unpredictable nature can be, it’s a good idea to take measures to reduce your risks, protect your home and keep your family safe.

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Many insurers will place embargoes on insurance when natural disasters are considered imminent.

This means if a cyclone is heading your way you may not be able to purchase insurance cover until the insurer lifts restrictions on new policies.

Some disasters give a warning, such as a storm preceding a flood.

Others, such as earthquakes, give little or no warning.

California is one of the planet's earthquake hot spots and gets more than 10,000 quakes a year.

Most of them are so small that they are only felt by sensitive measuring instruments. Earthquakes can lead to another type of natural disaster, a huge flood known as a tsunami.In a short essay on this natural disaster, the author wrote that "the totality of destruction" from the San Francisco earthquake "was extraordinary." This type of natural disaster happens when underground stresses cause two sections of the earth to abruptly move past one another. A small earthquake can hardly be felt, but a large earthquake releases so much energy that buildings can tumble as entire cities shake.An earthquake can strike anywhere in the world, but some areas are much more active than others.It is important to protect your family, home, business and assets from such events.Insurers provide society with the means to do this.The first step is to identify the types of disasters you are exposed to, the likelihood of these occurring and their potential impact.Knowing the most common hazards in your area — particularly if you’re new to the region — can help you focus your preparation plans for each hazard.The shaking of the earth can lead to a powerful wave in the ocean, which grows very large as it approaches the shore.As if the earthquake itself was not bad enough, a tsunami can lead to major flooding in the same area. We've all been caught outside in a sudden rain storm, when the rain gets heavy and the wind starts blowing. But storms can also grow very large or very powerful or both, and when they do, they become natural disasters.If you don’t have insurance, consider the types of policies you may require and the risks you need them to cover.If you live in a flood or bushfire zone, it would be wise to insure your property accordingly.


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