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The Benefits of Youth Sports Programs In the 1970s and 1980s, the age of technical gadgets did not exist prominently as it does today.Children entertained themselves by going outside on a nice day and riding their bikes.A good way to ensure children are staying physically active is to allow children to participate in youth sports programs.

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Parents view youth sports programs in both positive and negative ways.

Despite many pros and cons involved in allowing children to participate in sports at an early age, if properly taught the children would have a successful and exciting experience in the program.

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Physical activity in children has decreased over the course of the years because of the advancement of technology.

At the same time, the risk of children becoming unhealthy has increased because of the physical inactivity in the youth population.These programs promote discipline, which is a characteristic needed for everyday life.Children also learn to communicate properly with adults and other children.The boys were in the yard playing baseball or catch. Whatever the activity was, children spent most of their nice days doing outdoor activities.Today, children have items such as video games, personal computers and cell phones, which do not require any physical activity to use.The child will also learn if he or she does not follow the rules and show respect for his or her opponent, he or she cannot continue with the activity.This process will not only teach the child respect for his or her coach but respect for his or her opponents as well.The code of ethics is a set of rules the coach must learn before setting out to teach any child a sports activity. to lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to players? Coaches serious about teaching morals to student athletes should stop the action during a practice or competition and correct any unethical behavior (Lumpkin, 2008).By stopping the action and correcting the unethical behavior immediately, the child will know the coach will not tolerate this type of behavior.By listening, children also learn to respect others. These programs teach them to respect others regardless of their background, race, color, or ethnicity.Respect is very crucial in the upbringing of a child and prepares for his or her future. Children make new friends through these programs, which can make sports a more enjoyable experience.


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