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Under the extreme stress of combat, you and your team might be cut off and alone, fearing for your lives, and having to act without guidance or knowledge of what’s going on around you.Still, you—the leader—must think clearly and act reasonably.

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Definition of Military Discipline Military Discipline is a state of order and obedience existing within a command.

It involves the ready subordination of the will of the individual for the good of the group.

Yet it would, I think, be an error to treat this laughter at the outsider as a form of serious ridicule, with its feeling of the corrective superior.

Vanity is a building that falls to the ground as you widen its foundation, or strengthen the props that should support it.

Max Anders says, "Only the disciplined ever get really good at anything." Everything in life requires some sort of discipline.

Whether it is hitting a baseball, climbing a mountain, playing a musical instrument, making good grades or brushing your teeth it all comes down to a matter of discipline. It is intertwined with the discipline of physical and mental achievement.Total discipline overcomes adversity, and physical stamina draws on an inner strength that says drive on." - Former Sergeant Major of the Army William G.Bainbridge Self-disciplined people are masters of their impulses.But the finest face will not carry a man far, unless it is set upon an active body, and a stout pair of shoulders.Thus if I at first either through compassion or by an effort of the will am regardless essay on value of discipline in life 200 words year 10 of my own wants, and wholly bent upon satisfying the more pressing wants of my companions, yet this effort will at length become too great, and I shall be incapable of attending to any thing but the violence of my own sensations, or the means of alleviating them.In the few instances where appeal to reason fail, the use of punishment is effective in causing a recalcitrant individual to conform and perhaps appreciate the need for discipline.Condemnation and earned praise from senior to his subordinate, either individually or collectively, for tasks well done serve to strengthen the disciplinary bonds which bind together the smooth functioning team.Thus miracles come to be expected as matters of every-day occurrence, and the laws of nature are to be suspended whenever man chooses to tempt his God with the promise of right and the threat of injustice to be committed in His name.More frequently some fiery gentleman claimed the right of vindicating his quarrel at the risk of his life.I found that the custom of the “sweat-lodge,” a small hut built for taking sweat-baths, still prevails.The school must take sides, for its deals solely with children.


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