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If at the beginning of this essay you were thing “how can TV possibly have any educational value at all” if you were thinking this, I hope that I changed your mind so that you now see all of the educational values that TV has to offer.From 1894 to 1915, the goals of Progressive reformers influenced education in the United States, since education was seen as a way to teach children the proper values needed to be a productive American citizen.Television can teach you many things, if you are willing to watch and listen.

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If you wish to learn something, most likely there will be a television show or program about that subject.

News programming offers political debates and commentaries, as well as current and world events.

Vocational and industrial programs in high schools were offered by reformers during this period in large part to entice the working class and poor to stay in school and to prepare them adequately for what the reformers thought was their appropriate role in society. The first kindergarten was established in Germany in 1837 and in the U. Although the initial kindergartens were private and for the privileged, the idea expanded by the end of nineteenth century to public schools where it was seen by reformers as an antidote for what they believed to be the poor home environments of the underprivileged.

Industrial training was thought by some to be part of Germany's success as an industrial power that could serve to siphon those who would not go to college to appropriate working-class careers.

It was thought that society's ills could in part be alleviated by education for all classes that would fit children for their proper role in society.

Public education was also seen as a way to "Americanize" the vast number of immigrant children flooding into cities.

The science channel teaches viewers about cool experiments, popular science TV shows such as Mythbusters, demonstrate to prove numerous myths true or false, they also teach many experiments that students will learn about in science class.

The discovery and travel channels show us all the amazing places that our planet has to offer.

Also, TV catches children’s attention in such a way that a teacher couldn’t, because the way producers of educational television programs portray the shows make learning fun and interesting.

This is why I would argue that television has significant educational value.


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