Essay On Save The Wildlife

Examples of habitat loss include deforestation, agricultural expansion, and urbanization.Habitat destruction and fragmentation affect wildlife because the resources available to wildlife are reduced.

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Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting wild species and their habitats in order to prevent species from going extinct.

Major threats to wildlife include habitat destruction/degradation/fragmentation, overexploitation, poaching, hunting, pollution and climate change.

Less well-known targets of poaching include the harvest of protected plants and animals for souvenirs, food, skins, pets, and more; Because poachers tend to target threatened and endangered species, poaching causes already small populations to decline even further. Main article: Climate change Present day climate change is a man-made phenomenon currently changing Earth's environmental conditions.

A wide range of pollutants negatively impact wildlife health. It's related to some of the aforementioned threats to wildlife like habitat destruction and pollution.

For some pollutants, simple exposure is enough to do damage (e.g. Rising temperatures, melting ice sheets, changes in precipitation patterns, severe droughts, more frequent heat waves, storm intensification, and rising sea levels are some of the effects of climate change.

Essay On Save The Wildlife

Phenomena like droughts, heatwaves, intense storms, and rising sea levels, directly lead to habitat destruction.

Many of these hotspots are in the tropics, mainly tropical forests like the Amazon.

Habitat conservation is usually carried out by setting aside protected areas like national parks or nature reserves.

Deciding which species to conserve is a function of how close to extinction a species is, whether the species is crucial to the ecosystem it resides in, and how much we care about it.

It is found throughout the central Pacific and Atlantic Oceans but several of its populations are in decline across the globe (though not all).


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