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Due to financial reasons, I was forced to attend community college.Despite the impression a marijuana smoker who attends community college may give off, my ambitions far exceed that of the students around me.Now, I’m aware at the age of 18 and writing to you in regards to marijuana may come off as I am just, as my parents like to put it, a “pothead.” After attending high school and graduating in the top 5% of my class, I now am attending Northern Virginia Community College.

I smoke marijuana only on the weekends as a form of not only escaping my problems, but appreciating the world around me.

My mother has smoked marijuana on very few occasions and my step-father has not at all.

I found that smoking weed not only helped me fall asleep quickly and quiet the anxiety in my mind, but it also gave me a bedtime routine. Because I was sleeping better, I was waking up with a clear head and felt more energized in the mornings.

No longer did I need a huge bagel and four cappuccinos just to get in my car.

I have dealt with anxiety and OCD for most of my life, and I found it really quelled any stresses I was managing. It wasn't until I started working and managing the stresses of being in my early 20s that I considered it again.

It was actually a friend training to be a therapist who suggested it.

Before I started smoking weed, I would sometimes lie in bed until 3 a.m.

just going over everything I had to do the next day and not getting any rest.

After finding a bong in my car, they have threatened to kick me out of their house for engaging in what Virginia claims to be an illegal act.

All my parents care about is that what I am doing is illegal, despite the many millions around the world who do so as well.


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