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Whatever is currently considered formal wear, there is a space opened up for something a little less formal, often with a comfy name (dinner jacket, lounge suit, sports jacket).The very most formal clothes will be the most old-fashioned, and will be reserved for the most august occasions. For instance, the last people to give up wearing top hats were diplomats and stage magicians.Just what were the influences behind the classic historical boys' fashions?

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The image they want and the messages to be sent are a departure from centuries of tradition.

I find it interesting how the process of informalization in clothing works.

The clothes boys wear are today virtually indistinguisable among European countries.

Since time imemorial, clothing has sent messages about one's status and position in society.

I would be very interested in your reaction to this series of essays and would invite you to contribute further essays addressing aspects of boys' clothing not yet addressed.

Any website dealing with boys' clothing should include an assessment of boyhood.The last serious use of top hats that I recall was JFK's inauguration in 1961.As it becomes impossible for the most formal outfit to be worn without generating laughter, the second most formal outfit takes its place; this even though that outfit was at one time considered informal.It was in the Victorian age that modern concepts of childhood and family began to be formed.One HBC visitor asks, "What has happened to little boys' formal wear in recent years? " There were once significant differences between the clothes worn by boys in many different countries, especially the larger more populace countrirs.Japanese parents had thought that their children were save virtually anywhere.Very young children commonly walked to school or took public transport.Children's fashion in part are utilitarian, but they also reflect the concept parents, usually mothers, had of childhood and this can be followed overtime by assessing developing trends in fashions.The modern concept of childhood is very different than the way children were viewed in the 18th century.Often they would wear brightly colored caps to make sure that motorists saw them. HBC is now planning a series of essays touching on clothing styles in different countries.It was inconceivable to nearly all Japanese that their children would be rndarger at school. "Money talks." Nothing could be more trite or more true.


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