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Accordingly, it is the structural segmentation of responsibilities (independent or collective) that differentiates between these two terms, creating opportunities for managers to apply appropriate solutions to resolve variable and complex organisational problems.

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This is known as Groupthink discovered by Janis (1972).

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It is the ability for leaders to not only inspire employee engagement in a common goal or agenda, but collaboration within a heterogeneous, multi-functional, interdependent team that ultimately creates the necessary opportunities for maximising efficiency and stimulating higher performance outcomes over time (Hogel and Proserpio, 2060).

As team members continue to evolve beyond the pitfalls of group-based membership and individualised working priorities, the characteristics and capabilities of the team itself begin to emerge, providing pathways to new capabilities and programme development as members actively pursue mutual and shared goals and outcomes.

A group, in theory, represents three or more individuals who, although aligned according to similar objectives or a similar unit assignment, work and perform independently of each other to achieve organisational goals (Fritz, 2014:1).

Alternatively, the definition of a team involves an alliance of three or more individuals who collaborate and work interdependently to achieve a mutual goal or objective over the course of a given project, focus, or agenda (Fritz, 2014:1).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in teams?

By reference to relevant theory show how can the disadvantages be reduced or avoided.

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As organisations continue to strive towards competitive advantage and increasingly high performance standards, collaboration and team-oriented project management are increasingly providing the flexibility and innovative potential necessary to excel.


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