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I’m driven by a righteous anger about the abuse and injustice so many women face today.

I’m driven by a righteous anger about the abuse and injustice so many women face today.With so much going so right, how can so much be going so horribly wrong?In 2017, we still have close to 50 per cent of the girls in India who marry, marry as children.

I was leaving the training centre – walking down the stairs – and a 'Peacemaker' who had trained two months previously was standing on the stairs waiting for me with a young girl who was completely covered – I could only see her eyes – even her hands were covered. The girl was tiny, looked young, even though she was 20.

She was forced to marry when she was 14 to a much older man and had three children by the time she was 17.

It not only transforms you, it transforms the people around you as well.

Although work at My Choices is not easy - it’s heartbreaking at times - it’s the courage I see in the women that inspires me.

Half of the world’s population is being slowly killed off by the other half.

How did we get to the point in our modern society where almost half of Indian women face domestic violence?For her, the courage to just get out of the house and wait on the stairs for me was enormous.When we did one of our first training programs, we had a mock session with two psychologists and a Peace Maker, when the lady being trained opened up about what was happening in her life.The young woman was facing severe domestic violence and had no one to go to, so she opened up to the Peace Maker who worked in a local beauty parlour and wore a Peace Maker badge so she was easily identifiable.The woman was at the point of taking her own life because she couldn’t see a way out of the abusive situation she was living in.In the lead up to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25th November, why do we, as a society, allow violence to ruin the lives of millions of women and their children?We must build awareness of the magnitude of this human rights crisis.Men need to join us on this journey - we should never exclude men because if you do so it’s like fighting a fight with one hand held behind your back.We need to make men part of the solution, encourage them to step up, speak up, but they can’t step up and speak up if they don’t know what the reality is – that’s why we need an international day to focus attention on the issue.Gender-based violence touches all of us in some way as we’re all linked to a female.It’s a human rights issue that we must urgently solve.


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