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Satisfied students are, in the end, what make a college successful— both in reputation and in a generous alumni base.These are some of the things going through admissions officers’ minds as they read your application, particularly the Why This College? The truth is, while rankings and enrollment are significant, admissions officers will tell you that they mostly just want students who will flourish at their school.Sounds silly, but colleges get essays naming the wrong school every single admissions cycle.

If you have three or more interests and can tie them together in a clever way, go for it.) .

You want to convey the sense that you’ve gone as far as you can go with your talents in high school, and you’re excited that this college offers so many ways for you to take your passions to a new level. If you’re tweaking the same basic essay for many schools, it’s easy to make this mistake.

Often, it’s what I like to call the “Why This College? The prompt for this supplement can be worded several ways, but the inherent question is clear: Why do you want to attend —a phrase admissions folks frequently bandy about. Demonstrating interest is important even if it’s because the college wants a higher yield (i.e., percentage of admitted students who choose to enroll).

That’s because after they consider your transcript and standardized test scores, they start looking for “fit”: Do your interests and even your sense of purpose line up with the university’s? Because yield is both a financial and a rankings concern, it can be a determining factor in admission.

This first half can be used for all your “Why This College? Now, transition into the second half of the essay: why you and your passions will blossom at Wonderful College.

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This half will be written uniquely for each college, but since many of these essays are limited to 250–300 words, you usually won’t need to write more than a few sentences— just enough to enumerate some of the relevant attractions that can only be found at Wonderful College.essay, here’s good news: you can use the first part of the essay for all eight colleges, and tailor the second half to each college. But before starting your draft, you will need to ... (And if you’re lucky enough to meet a college representative visiting your school or at a college fair, engage in conversation and follow up with an appreciative email afterward— another great way to demonstrate interest.) Once you have several pages of notes on each individual college, it’s time to write. Alas, many applicants knock off a quick, not-very-well-researched essay that says, “I really want to go to Whatever University because the campus is so beautiful and there are so many fun activities and I’m excited to take a lot of different classes and there’s diversity, too! ” Trust me, college admissions officers already know how great their college is.You’d be surprised how many applicants think it’s enough to like the campus tour guide or know that the college has a prestigious name. Their impression will be that the applicant hasn’t taken the trouble to get to know Wonderful College and, therefore, isn’t particularly interested.If you start with an anecdote that shows them in action (rather than writing, “I love history”), you will draw the reader in.You can relay a recent experience or a typical slice of your life.Some colleges ask a variant of the question: “Why This Major?” They want to know why you’re interested in the subject you intend to major in. You can still use this formula, telling a story about one or more passions, and allowing enough space in the second half to discuss classes, curriculum and professors in more than one department.The last part of the statement is perhaps the most important because it is true that many college students do not have the desire to learn, instead many attend college because of the social aspect, or simply because of the pressure to attend by the parents.The desire to learn is what determines how much effort one puts into his schoolwork.When it comes down to two equally qualified students, the college will accept the student more likely to enroll.Finally, will you not only enroll, but will you be happy during your years on campus?


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