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It is possible to designate the angle bracket in professional typesetting to avoid this issue, but using the pointy brackets is acceptable.

It is possible to designate the angle bracket in professional typesetting to avoid this issue, but using the pointy brackets is acceptable.

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2010 for a detailed description of the analyses)” clarifies that Winston et al.

established the method by which this analysis was carried out, but may not have necessarily had the same findings. To introduce abbreviations The first time that an abbreviation appears in the main text, it should appear within parentheses next to its full form: “Interest rates at First Regional Bank (FRB) have risen steadily over the past 20 years, despite FRB’s official corporate policy of offering affordable rates to the community.” If you offer an abbreviation of a translated term, please specify its original-language form in a parenthetical citation, in italics.

When providing citations, be sure that it is clear to your readers what exactly the citation pertains to.

For example: “The proportional carbon content of this component, 20%, is very similar to that found in pine trees (Winston et al.

There are very specific rules about bracket use in this discipline that are rarely altered, and the sequence of use——is different from that in normal text.

For example, in the below expression, the calculations would be performed according to the bracket use.Specific paired punctuation is used in writing to set words off from other words in the same sentence.These paired punctuations such as brackets can be used as delimiters to determine the order of performing calculations within a mathematical equation, or to alert the reader to text that is not part of a quotation, is incorrect in its original form, or has been omitted.For example, I might say, “I need to go to the store today for laundry detergent, pet food, and dairy products .” The words inside the braces constitute a listing within a list.Website addresses are not usually included in references; however, if they are, MLA and APA recommend using angle brackets () before and after the address.For example, in British English, a bracket is either round or square but is not called a parenthesis.Your style guide will provide protocols for your field of discipline.In statistical expressions, bracket use also depends on the specific style guide being used.For example, when expressing a probability (p or P), CSE suggests that the expression be surrounded by parentheses, as in (P =.05), but APA prefers that a square bracket is used.The brackets will help the reader identify the entire address, but this format also differs. Regardless of your field of discipline, you should always double check the rules for bracket use, not only in the style guide but also in the author guidelines from the journal to which you are submitting your British English) are a punctuation mark used to contain text that is not part of the main sentence, but that is too important to either leave out entirely or to put in a footnote or an endnote.


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