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It was determined that each household would change from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent bulbs as they are claimed to use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last ten times longer.

It was also decided to install motion sensors and dimmer switches in further effort to save on lighting energy.

Teacher: Proposing a Solution to a Problem According to Polya (118), to solve a problem is “to search consciously for some actionthat is appropriate to attain a clearly conceived but not immediately attainable aim”.

While this definition is clear and succinct it is not, in my opinion complete.

Each household would also adjust their thermostats – lower the temperatures of heating in the winter and raise the temperature of cooling in the summer.

Another solution considered was to try to reduce usage of hot water by using less, washing clothes in cold water, taking showers rather than baths, and using short cycles on the dishwasher and washing machine.Objective of the Project The objective of this project is to aid in the battle against......A Solution in Search of a Problem Discrimination, Affirmative Action, and the New Public Service.A solution in search of a problem has been written to better understand and solve the problems that arise because of the affirmative action policy in Latin America.It will also discuss the challenges that are faced and learned as each of the challenges is solved.This part of the essay shall however concentrate on centralization of the sales and product offices.Components of Sales and Product IT Centralization Resources: people A well resourced human capital base shall be needed for the success implementation of the IT centralization process. Solution to a Real World Problem Solution to a Real World Problem Problem d Formulation Investa Inc.After stating the broad problem – high energy bills – I then considered all possible solutions; this led to the realization that the real issue was not high energy bills but rather the need to save on energy and thus become shrewd energy savers.We rely heavily on electricity and the equipment used to dispense it, so the first thing to do was to ascertain where that energy was being channeled; I began to find the answer by undertaking some research on the internet, which provided me with the knowledge that air conditioning and heating are the biggest consumers of power.I came to this conclusion because it affects practically every single person that lives under the sun on earth.Power lines have crisscrossed almost everywhere on land from modern towns to rural areas.


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